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My mother fell and broke her hip four years ago at a retirement home in Etobicoke when she was 92 years old. As she needed 24-7 care at the retirement home while she was being put on a waiting list for a room at a long-term care facility, I contacted First Class Home Care (FCHC) who we had used for four months in the past after my mother hurt her leg badly.
First Class Home Care very quickly mobilized a team of excellent Care Managers to be with my mom as soon as she was discharged from the hospital and provided the 24-7 coverage my mom needed. Twice in one year since breaking her hip, my mother had other medical problems that required her to be re-admitted to a hospital for several nights. The Care Managers from FCHC followed her to the hospital and stayed with her while she was there. The Care Managers from FCHC were also very knowledgeable on how to look after my mom as her dementia gradually became worse.
A year and a half after my mom broke her hip, a room became available at a long-term care facility. I knew that my previously deceased father would want the very best care for my mother so I asked FCHC to provide 12-7 care at the LTC facility located at the opposite side of Toronto.
My 96-year old mom passed away 4 years after breaking her hip which well exceeded the statistical survival rate after an elderly person breaks a hip. I greatly contribute her extended survival to the excellent care and compassion provided by the Care Managers from First Class Home Care to give her a quality filled life despite the circumstances around her health.
First Class Home Care is an extremely professional organization, providing weekly reports on how my mom did that week. Very many thanks to Terri-Lynne, Paul, Prudence and Robertha for the excellent full time care they provided my mom during the last four years of her life.

-Rob Carrie

Client Testimonial - May 25th, 2017

My widowed mother lived on her own in Ontario. I live in British Columbia. As the only child I would fly back 3-4 times a year to make sure her independent living was safe as well as healthy. We managed well like this for many years until August 2014 when everything changed. My mother’s health started to decline in various ways. After a number of falls she had become weaker and she was starting to show beginning signs of age related dementia. She was an extremely independent woman who took great pride in her home. Her greatest wish was to stay at home with her cat as company. I respected this but was at a complete loss as to what to do from this distance…who could I turn to for help? Who could I trust that my mother would get the care she needed? After investigating various agencies …I contacted First Class Home Care and had a long conversation with the owner…Terri-Lynne Rade. She promised to visit my mother immediately and assess her situation. Within days she got back to me with a detailed care plan which I consented to immediately. I asked that my mother have a caregiver throughout the night and also a shorter shift in the day. The care workers were very compassionate and took great care to meet my mother’s every need. I was nervous because I worried about how my mother would respond to the very personal care which a client needs as they become weaker. The staff were wonderful and after I visited my mother in the fall of 2014 I knew she had the best care possible. First Class care offers a very knowledgeable leader as well as an effective team of care givers. As my mother’s health declined she had 24 hour help with two primary caregivers. They were both outstanding.This agency allowed my mother to be at home until she passed away so her last wish was honoured. What greater recommendation is there? Their kindness and skills allowed me to breathe easier and worry less. First class Home Care is exactly what it says…FIRST CLASS.

Ms. Kris HansBritish Columbia

Our family relied on First Class Home Care very much during our mother’s illness. We know that Mom was being well looked after which eased much worry and more so, our mother derived great comfort from the extra care and companionship.

We also appreciated the professionalism of Paul and his team and the effort that was made on our behalf. Our mother sometimes needed extra care on very short notice and First Class Home Care always went the extra mile in order to accommodate us.

Thank you from The Schmidt Family.

Schmidt Family

On behalf of the Price Family, we sincerely thank First Class Home Care Inc. for their outstanding care given to our mother in the past few months. First Class says it all. Many many thanks to Terri-Lynne, Paul, Joy, Pru and Tamara for all your tireless efforts and all the people at First Class. Thank you so much!

Russell Price LifeNews.ca

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help over the last month. All your caregivers have been warm, professional and genuinely concerned with Jack. We have had peace of mind the whole time they were there because we knew that they were taking care of everything. It’s good to know that if there is a need for home care in the future, we know where to look.

We would have no hesitation in recommending First Class Home Care to anyone at all. Once again, thanks for providing such a great service.


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