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Alzheimer’s – Raising Awareness and Conquering Your Fears

dementia care

Joyce is one of more than 200,000 people in Ontario alone who lives with dementia. Every day she must manage her chronic disease and this has affected not only her life, but also the life of her family. When at long last she received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, she felt relief at finally understanding what was happening.By seeking out the necessary supports available to help with current and future chronic disease management, she could plan for her future. Read more ›

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Care for Seniors: Considerations for a Successful Rehabilitation

Seniors Rehabilitation

Suffering from injuries as a result of a fall, stroke or cardiovascular event can be challenging for seniors. The good news is that with time spent in a senior rehab program and then followed by working with a caring and professional in-home senior care team, you can quickly improve your health, maintain your independence and get back to your normal routine much quicker.

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Prevent Unintentional Injuries: Simple Ways to Fall Proof Your Home

Fall Proof Your Home

Today people are living longer, are more active and enjoy healthy lifestyles. A fall can affect all of these wonderful things by decreasing your mobility and impacting a senior’s overall health. Having well-informed homecare assistance to suggest minor alterations to your home or routine can help lessen this possible impact on your life.

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Quality of Life – A Caregiver’s Admiration

Jean’s Homecare Assistance

When we talk about the seniors we care for we always talk about how much we love helping them or how interesting it is getting to know them. The connections we develop help us to experience who they really are and connecting helps to open us up to learning more about our own lives. We learn to admire them for who they once were and for their continued spirit and love of life. Once in a while a surprising moment comes along that allows us to reflect on how proud they can make us feel.

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The Best Reasons to Journal Every Day

The Best Reasons to Journal Every Day

Journaling every day can be extremely beneficial. Building a habit to write in a journal can be very easy and is an uplifting experience for people of all ages. Writing your inner thoughts on the safety of a piece of paper can help you solve problems, boost immunity and has other stress-easing benefits.

There can be a lot going on with your or a loved one’s senior care experiences and journaling can help provide a space to sort through the personal thoughts and feelings, record significant lessons and ask important questions that you can refer to at a later time.

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Dementia Care: Important Signs to Help You Detect the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

diagnosis Alzheimer's disease

When you suspect a loved one may be struggling with the onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, there are important signs that you should be aware of that may signal it is time for additional support.

Dementia can appear gradually, the signs can be confusing and easy to miss. Memory loss, confusion, and disorientation are symptoms that most people are familiar with. But there are other signs that may indicate further action is required that could benefit your loved one and help you decide if additional memory care support, such as provided by First Class Home Care Inc., are needed. Read more ›

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Boomers: Take Care of Yourselves

Boomer Care

It took a little time, but we can officially say that the baby boomers have finally reached middle-age. Some have even already retired but, it isn’t quite what they thought it would be. The generation before the boomers are living longer than any in modern history but, these long life spans require more health care. The following generations, Generation X, and the Millennials, have become boomerang kids moving back in with their parents when finished school and not leaving the nest1. The boomers are taking care of two other generations while watching their retirement money disappear. Adding to this, the job market has shifted to a more precarious and contract-based one where income is less stable and early retirement more risky2. On top of this, the boomers are starting to reach the age where their own health becomes a concern. So, this brings us to the question: how do boomers navigate and find happiness in this unsure, new world?  Read more ›

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Healthy Aging: It All Begins At Home

Healthy Aging

‘Are they healthy?’ ‘Are they ‘happy?’

Those are the two most important questions that we always ask ourselves about our loved ones as they ease into their golden years. Of course, their health is always on our minds. We worry if they are taking their medicine; if they are doing their therapy; and the safety of their environment. But, we cannot forget their happiness. After all, happy people are often healthy people. So, how can we connect our loved ones happiness with their health? The answer lies where we are all most comfortable: in our own home. Home care for your loved one is the link that connects their health with happiness. It may be time to start looking at your options regarding senior home care.  Ultimately, healthy aging starts at home. Read more ›

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Taking Necessary Precautions Will Help Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

At long last the temperatures rise, the season changes and summer is close at hand. It is a great time of year to take longer walks, get outside or perhaps do a little gardening. All of these are wonderful activities that help contribute to a healthy lifestyle. However, when engaging in summer activities, taking the necessary precautions by having senior home care assistance and planning ahead will ensure that you or an elderly parent are well prepared for the season.

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Build A Lasting Relationship

Build a lasting relationship

Growing old together is a special and important relationship for married couples. Your retirement can be a rich experience when shared with a spouse. A spouse provides extraordinary companionship and support.  However, when health and mobility decline in our elderly years, sometimes a partner will require additional senior care or home healthcare. It can be a difficult conversation, but having open and honest discussions about possible future senior care needs or even the idea of respite care opens the lines of communication and will ensure a spouse feels supported amid times of transition during the aging process. Read more ›

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