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Build your Legacy, One Step at a Time – Now is the Time to Write Your Bucket List!

Baby Boomers! The time has come to write your bucket list. What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime? Finish this sentence, “My life won’t be complete until I…” Once you reach your 50’s and 60’s, you begin to realize that if you are going to get these things done, you had better get started…like today! Most of us become so entrenched in our day-to-day routines that we let precious time slip by. It isn’t uncommon to suddenly realize that in the past five years, you haven’t devoted any time at all to the things that are important to you. Since we never know what’s around the corner, we need to treat each day as if it were our last.

What are your priorities now that you are approaching or have reached retirement? Do you want to spend more time with your friends and family? Do you want to declutter and have a minimalist approach to your home? Are you trying to accumulate wealth in all areas of your life?

boomers bucket list

baby boomers bucket list

Many Boomers either approach their bucket list like a weekend to-do list, or they stick generic ‘bucket list’ items on there that have little meaning to them. Don’t waste this opportunity! Take cleaning out the kitchen drawer and climbing Mt. Everest off your list (unless it really is important to you) and replace it with something that will truly add value to your life like teaching your grandchild to play the piano or compiling your family history.

Especially when we work hard, we must play hard! We all deserve something special – a reward that accompanies our achievements. It can all start with making a list so we have no excuse to deprive ourselves.

The BIG Question is WHY do we all need a Bucket list?

It keeps you focused. Bucket lists are an excellent tool in keeping yourself focused on the things that are most important to you. The key is to be specific and to have a plan for what you will accomplish each year. Without timelines, your bucket list may not be as effective.

It opens up possibilities. Just the act of writing something on your bucket list changes it from a dream into a goal. Dreams are merely possibilities, but goals are things that we are actively working towards. You may have a dream of writing a novel, but once it’s on your bucket list you are more likely to take the steps that will make it happen.

It gives you a purpose. Sometimes as we go through the drone of our daily routines, we begin to wonder what’s the point of it all. A well-written bucket list will outline your life’s purpose. Think big. Why were you put on this earth? What have you always wanted to achieve?

Some other Bucket list ideas could be:

  • Try white water rafting
  • Take a cooking course and learn how to cook food from a different culture
  • Run a Marathon
  • Plan an Anniversary party for you and your partner
  • Climb a mountain (“Doesn’t have to be as large as Mount Everest!”)
  • Travel to an exotic destination
  • Take acting classes and join a local theatre group
  • Scuba Dive

Make sure that the items on your list truly speak to you. Also, don’t stick your bucket list in a drawer and forget about it. Review it each and every day and add to it whenever you feel inspired! We hope this has given you a reason and inspired you to take action. We’d love to hear what’s on your bucket list, so feel free to drop a comment on our facebook page.

You bucket list is the story of your life. Make it amazing!

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