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Build A Lasting Relationship

Growing old together is a special and important relationship for married couples. Your retirement can be a rich experience when shared with a spouse. A spouse provides extraordinary companionship and support.  However, when health and mobility decline in our elderly years, sometimes a partner will require additional senior care or home healthcare. It can be a difficult conversation, but having open and honest discussions about possible future senior care needs or even the idea of respite care opens the lines of communication and will ensure a spouse feels supported amid times of transition during the aging process.

Build a lasting relationship

Building a love that lasts and knowing there is someone to turn to when things become more difficult, is essential in our senior years. What steps can you take to help your relationship during this time?

  • Believe in yourself, your partner or in both to help achieve a healthy, long-term committed relationship.
  • Be realistic. Do not ignore the warning signs or chronic health problems as your partner ages. Set healthy boundaries to protect the good things you have together and communicate about potential health issues related to aging that may arise.
  • Build your bond. Expressions of affection breeds trust and help you to connect emotionally with your partner.
  • Pick your battles wisely. Patiently work through difficult conversations.
  • Make peace that you cannot control everything. You cannot control the onset of a Chronic Disease or the natural aging process. Be mindful and try to accept that as we age, our needs will change.
  • Build a strong network. When the time arises that a partner may need more senior care assistance than you can provide, ask for help. Are there a lot of medications that need to be managed? A home healthcare provider can help you with that.

There are a number of life changes a couple will go through as they grow older, career changes, retirement, children leaving home, loss of loved ones, physical changes and health issues. First Class Home Care is here to help you and your spouse through these transitions and will be happy to discuss any current or future home healthcare services that you may need. Senior care is very important to help a healthy relationship thrive. It takes responsibility of home healthcare during Chronic Illnesses or respite care situations off the shoulders of the spouse allowing the couple to focus on their relationship and supporting each other.

Contact us today to discuss what your needs are and let us help support you and your partner. With senior care, home healthcare and respite care services available in Etobicoke, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Toronto we are here to help you and your spouse build a relationship that lasts.


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