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Senior Care Services – What Does This Entail?

We know how difficult and frustrating it is to recognize and accept that you or someone in your life may require additional support in the home due to the onset of a chronic illness, rehabilitation from an injury or simply the aging process. It can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. First Class Home Care offers many different senior care services that are designed to help you during this transition. We are here to discuss with our clients their unique situations and identify their needs. From there, our team sets up a comprehensive home care plan that takes into account the goals that you have set for your loved one.

Our compassionate and respectful approach will encourage and support independent living for a number of chronic illnesses, recovery plans or basic support and companionship. We are here to help you or your loved ones by helping to manage chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our professional Personal Care Managers  will help to create a comfortable, manageable and supportive home care environment for our clients.

The extensive Senior Care Services that First Class Home Care offers will ensure that you have peace of mind while addressing the various home care needs for you or your loved ones.

  • Personal Care
  • Companionship
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respite Care
  • Transportation
  • Mobile Foot Care
  • Home Support
  • Alzheimer’s Support
  • Palliative Support

First Class Home Care provides senior care services in Burlington, Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, , Oakville and Etobicoke. We are here to help you and your family by providing quality care in your very own home while supporting your desire to live an independent lifestyle.

Our experienced team will assess the situation, create a detailed plan and assign a dedicated Case Manager based on the needs of the individual and their families. Contact us today and learn firsthand how First Class Home Care can help you plan for the senior care services you need.

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My mother fell and broke her hip four years ago at a retirement home in Etobicoke when she was 92 years old. As she needed 24-7 care at the retirement home while she was being put on a waiting list for a room at a long-term care facility, I contacted First Class Home Care (FCHC) who we had used for four months in the past after my mother hurt her leg badly. First Class Home Care very quickly mobilized a team of excellent Care Managers to be with my mom as soon as she was discharged from the hospital and provided the 24-7 coverage my mom needed. Twice in one year since breaking her hip, my mother had other medical problems that required her to be re-admitted to a hospital for several nights. The Care Managers from FCHC followed her to the hospital and stayed with her while she was there. The Care Managers from FCHC were also very knowledgeable on how to look after my mom as her dementia gradually became worse. A year and a half after my mom broke her hip, a room became available at a …
Client Testimonial - May 25th, 2017