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Tips for Making Valentine’s day Special for your Elderly Loved One

This Valentine’s Day, show your elderly loved ones some extra love and appreciation.  A little extra effort  can make a big difference. Share a special breakfast or lunch together. Involve kids – seniors love homemade valentine’s day cards, cookies and

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Give Your Heart Some Love


Canadians are aware that heart disease is a major health threat that rises as one gets older.  To help curb the incidence of heart disease, the month of February is dedicated to “Heart Month” – a time to focus on

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How to Overcome Resistance to Help

A lifetime of independence can make accepting help a difficult decision. This article assists family and friends with suggestions on how to encourage a senior to accept help in their home, with the goal of maintaining their dignity and as much independence as possible. Visit First Class Home Care Inc. to read more, and find other helpful articles that support the elderly and seniors in remaining in their home as long as they want.

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