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The Best Reasons to Journal Every Day

Journaling every day can be extremely beneficial. Building a habit to write in a journal can be very easy and is an uplifting experience for people of all ages. Writing your inner thoughts on the safety of a piece of paper can help you solve problems, boost immunity and has other stress-easing benefits.

There can be a lot going on with your or a loved one’s senior care experiences and journaling can help provide a space to sort through the personal thoughts and feelings, record significant lessons and ask important questions that you can refer to at a later time.

The Best Reasons to Journal Every Day

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How does journaling benefit those families needing senior care services?

Life can change very quickly and writing in a journal every day can help you understand a situation that you or a loved one is going through. It is an opportunity to reflect on the context of a situation and your feelings about it. It is also a safe place to note achievements, express gratitude and spark creativity. All of these benefits help to reduce stress and can improve overall well being and health. Journaling can also be helpful to the people around you including family members and senior in-home care providers stay motivated and focused. We all know that gratitude and affirmations can go a long way in attracting the right kind of energy.

Being mindful of any significant changes in thought patterns can be imperative in all stages of life, especially during the senior years. It helps with a degree of self-awareness, keeps the mind active, provides a sense of self-confidence and can lead to answers for problems that you or your seniors may be dealing with. If you think writing a journal can be time consuming then give “single sentence journal” a try. Write down a sentence or two to record your memories and when you read them later, all the memories, and feelings will come rushing back to you. Short entries are enough to make a big difference in your life.

How to write in a journal?

Starting small is always a good idea. Picking a regular time can help create a new habit as can setting a reminder. There are many different mediums you can use to journal.

What can you journal about?

Things you can journal about are:

  • Progress: Give yourself a pat on the back for any achievements made that day.
  • Awesomeness: Did a senior care provider or a loved one do something special for you? Capturing the special experiences in your life will help create feelings of well-being and gratitude.
  • Problem Solving: Were there any challenges you faced that day and how did you successfully handle them? What strategies can you learn from those experiences?
  • Count Your Blessings: There are so many things to be thankful for in life. Take out time to say thanks for whatever and whoever makes you happy.
  • Anything You Want: Write about the weather or what you did that day.

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