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Why Senior Home Care

Senior Care is a complicated, sometimes arduous process to navigate. Waiting lists can be long for that coveted private room in Long Term Care. Perhaps there is an immediate need for care due to the diagnosis of a chronic illness or an injury. Is there too much information to handle to keep track of a parent’s ever–changing and sometimes complicated needs? Your parents or a close friend/family member may choose, as more and more seniors are today, the comfort of staying in their homes during these transitional times. But the question remains, what kind of support is available for seniors who wish to remain at home? What can one expect from a senior home care provider?

First Class Home Care is a non-medical in-home health care service provider that can help you achieve a better quality of life. When one out of four senior’s age 65 plus have been diagnosed with a Chronic Disease, our goal is to provide a compassionate approach to chronic disease management that will help you or your loved ones maintain vital and independent lifestyles within their own home.

Our Senior Home Care team is dedicated to providing only the best for our clients and their families.

  • Personal Care: Individualized care for you or your parents. Our Personal Care Managers are uniquely trained to respond to various situations in a compassionate, respectful and sensitive manner.
  • Promise: We promise to treat you or your loved one like a member of our own family. You are not just a number or a name on a chart and we are here, 24/7, to respond to any urgent matters.
  • Consistency: Your Case Manager is chosen specifically for you or your loved one’s needs and will provide both you and your parents with the tools to help manage their lives and deal with any current or future changes.

Choosing the right type of senior home care in Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and Etobicoke for you or your family member is an important decision but you are not alone. Contact First Class Home Care today for a consultation and let us help you manage the senior home care that you need.

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My mother fell and broke her hip four years ago at a retirement home in Etobicoke when she was 92 years old. As she needed 24-7 care at the retirement home while she was being put on a waiting list for a room at a long-term care facility, I contacted First Class Home Care (FCHC) who we had used for four months in the past after my mother hurt her leg badly. First Class Home Care very quickly mobilized a team of excellent Care Managers to be with my mom as soon as she was discharged from the hospital and provided the 24-7 coverage my mom needed. Twice in one year since breaking her hip, my mother had other medical problems that required her to be re-admitted to a hospital for several nights. The Care Managers from FCHC followed her to the hospital and stayed with her while she was there. The Care Managers from FCHC were also very knowledgeable on how to look after my mom as her dementia gradually became worse. A year and a half after my mom broke her hip, a room became available at a …
Client Testimonial - May 25th, 2017