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Quality of Life – A Caregiver’s Admiration

When we talk about the seniors we care for we always talk about how much we love helping them or how interesting it is getting to know them. The connections we develop help us to experience who they really are and connecting helps to open us up to learning more about our own lives. We learn to admire them for who they once were and for their continued spirit and love of life. Once in a while a surprising moment comes along that allows us to reflect on how proud they can make us feel.

The story we’d like to share is about a lady named Jean whom we have been looking after for a number of years. We feel fortunate and proud to have helped her through some difficult times while striving to maintain a good quality of life for her. Her health and longevity has been a real testament to the loving, compassionate and professional care of our Care Managers and for her zest for life.

Jean started off in a retirement home and eventually moved into a long term care facility due to severe issues with dementia and mobility. Our team of Care Managers assisted with her recovery from a fractured hip, hospitalizations, infections, and a number of other health related issues which was no easy task due to Jean’s cognitive issues. Following simple one-step instructions had become more difficult for her to follow and the care she now requires is much more acute and hands on.

Despite the fact that Jean’s dementia has taken much of her short and long term memory she still has the passion and desire to try new things.

A couple of weeks ago we received an amazing update. Jean started taking some art classes a while back and her paintings were so good that they were all sold at a recent art exhibit. We were told there was one only left and we really wanted to buy it but the very next day it was sold before we could purchase it! Crazy thing is she has had no formal art training. How can you not help but admire the life and energy Jean still has inside.

I hope we can use this story to remind ourselves that no matter the stage in life we are in and no matter what challenges we are facing, there are opportunities to explore new beginnings, reveal new truths about ourselves, inspire others and be admired for who we are and what we can teach to the world around us.

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Here are 3 samples of Jean’s work.

Jean’s Homecare Assistance

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