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June is Stroke Awareness Month in Canada

June is Stroke Awareness Month in Canada What is a stroke?  A stroke occurs when there is an interruption of oxygen or blood flow to the brain.  A blocked artery or the leaking of ruptured of blood vessels in the

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Award – Health and Wellness

Congratulations to Terri-Lynne Rade! We are proud to announce that our President, Terri-Lynne Rade is a recipient of a Forty over 40 Health & Wellness Achievement Award.  Also on behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council she

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How to Balance Your Life and the Care of Your Aging Parents

As your parents grow older and require more help, what started out as a weekly visit and a trip to the grocery store can turn into hours a day spent preparing meals and driving to doctor’s appointments. The time you spend helping your parents can start to affect your work, your parenting, and your relationships. This article can help provide some pointers in how to balance your life and the care of your aging parents.

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How to Overcome Resistance to Help

A lifetime of independence can make accepting help a difficult decision. This article assists family and friends with suggestions on how to encourage a senior to accept help in their home, with the goal of maintaining their dignity and as much independence as possible. Visit First Class Home Care Inc. to read more, and find other helpful articles that support the elderly and seniors in remaining in their home as long as they want.

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